Have you ever wished that you could get back that blue, gray, or even green eye color that you had as a baby, before your eyes turned brown? Well, now it’s possible.
IrexLaser offers state of the art laser technology that safely removes the brown pigment in the eyes (melanin), to change eye color from shades of light brown to gray or blue. This is possible because the colors gray and blue are under the surface of the melanin that gives some people their brown eye color; therefore, removing that surface pigment reveals the naturally lighter colors that were previously hidden underneath. A green eye color may also surface after the procedure, it just depends on the amount of melanin a patient’s iris has.

Our laser technology gently removes pigment and is a non-surgical procedure that eliminates the risks The change is permanent, because once the melanin is removed it does not return. This means that once the desired eye color has been achieved, the procedure will never have to be repeated. In addition, this laser technique is the least invasive cosmetic eye color enhancement procedure that is currently on the market.

The laser has been designed to emit a specific frequency that targets the thin layer of melanin on the iris, while avoiding the pupil, which is the structure of the eye that contains the nerves that regulate vision. By exclusively stimulating the removal of pigment from the iris, the laser promotes natural processes that safely remove the brown pigment that masks lighter shades of gray or blue.

This is a quick, outpatient procedure and patients enjoy the full eye color change in as little as two weeks. Results may vary depending on a patient’s level of pigmentation, but lighter shades are guaranteed. Contact IrexLaser today to experience a safe and effective alternative for permanent eye color enhancement.

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