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IrexLaser was founded  by a group of medical professionals who strive to offer innovative technologies that are based on clinical-research and are geared toward enhancing ocular health. The ophthalmologists at IrexLaser have years of expertise, continuing education, research experience, and technological savviness that allows them to develop the most pioneering procedures in the field. In other words, we are dedicated to providing the best ocular enhancement services to our patients.

Our team also works with highly trained engineers who ensure that our laser technology is not only clinically-safe, but effective. Any form of eye treatment should reduce the risk of complications at all costs and the collaboration between our team of medical professionals and engineers guarantees that our technologies will produce the desired effects without causing unwanted or unexpected complications.

Here at IrexLaser, we have recently developed a highly-optimized laser that exclusively targets pigmentation in the iris to promote lighter eye colors. The laser gently stimulates the removal of melanin without causing adverse side effects and quickly results in permanently enhanced eye color, making it the best in its class by far. Our team constantly discovers ways to further advance our technologies so that we can continue to offer our patients optimal ocular health services. IrexLaser’s mission is to go above and beyond maximum customer satisfaction by dramatically improving your quality of life.

Eye Color Change laser technology

permanently enhanced eye color


our laser technology is clinically-safe & effective

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